Thursday, 15 July 2010

Not a happy bunny. :(

Well not in a brill mood today. Put my computer (which has been broken since before xmas) into be fixed last week. We were first told it would be £30 to fix. Ok great. Next day we get a call, problem something different its now £60. Right ok then. Went in to collect it today, Oh its not fixed yet and will be £90. Ok no, just give me it back. :( So not fixed yet. Hubbys friend is going to look at it though so hopefully he can fix it. In the meantime Marks set up the laptop and cleared a load of space for me so I can work in my corner again. :) Planning on having a HUGE clearout tomorrow to get my craft corner in order properly. :)
Well besides that not been too bad today. Took the kids down to see thier gran which they loved, I saw baby Lillie again. Shes getting so BIG! honestly, got big chubby cheeks and everything now, lol. Baked some more. Mark thinks I'm a bit of an addict as he went upstairs to get dressed and came down to find a batch of strawberry muffins in the oven. Well i wanted a baked potato for lunch and didn't want the oven on for one thing. lol. Kids spent the afternoon with salt dough again. Mark helped this time though so instead of having lots of sausages they made Bertie the bus, Crankie the crane and Thomas. :) Thought I'd show you Thomas, complete with his number 1. lol

made a few mini books last night and a LO with the scraps of my Sarahs cards kit. Don't really like these photos as it was in a dark disco so turned out badly, but they're the only ones I have of a brill night out so had to make do. lol

Well thats about it today. Did a couple of recipes too, hoping to get a fabric flower tutorial on tomorrow. Depends how nice the weather is as hubby wants to take kids park. lol


  1. That is such a bummer about your computer, they shouldn't be able to do that! If they give you a quote they should stick to it! I hope you managed to get it sorted and your craft room too. Lovely layout, I often scrap horrid photos because it is the memory I want even with the not perfect photos and that is all that really matters. :)

  2. Lol just read that back and it sounds strange! I mean out of focus/dark/cluttered etc photos not horrid ones lol!


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