Monday, 12 July 2010

Pottering about day

Sorry been awol. Had a tummy bug which wile brill for diet isn't great for energy. lol. But feeling a bit better now. :)
Well had my crop Saturday and managed to do a couple of LOs. Also got this to use for a bargain price.

Im planning on making recipe books with my bind it all and rounding the corners I think makes it look more professional. :)
Anyway LOs, this one took me AGES as I did the background paper myself. If you're anythign like me you've got about 8 million unsed thickers/peel off numbers lying about. So I decided to use them up on this LO. First I stuck them all down, painted over them then once it was dry peeled them off. The best results came from the peel off numbers, the vinal thickers let it seep under a bit and the chipboard ones were hard to get back off. But I'm pleased with the overall result. :) this lo is about how my son has a strange habit of counting to 10 over and over when hes daydreaming.

This is a simpler one about the train set we boguht Cameron for chirstmas.

Also did a 6x6 album all about my sons cloth nappies when he was little, started it AGES ago but managed to get it done and also did one about my daughters. :) I had a slight obsession with cloth nappies and how pretty they were. These were some of Caitlins. lol

Did mange more crafty things yesterday, but camera is dead so can't share just yet. Will hopefully do another post later today. Oh, added some recipes I ment to do ages ago but forgot. :)


  1. love that LO using up all the number've done such a great job there!

  2. love how the number layout turned out gemma, gonna be stealing that idea off ya ;) thanks xx see you next month x


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