Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ironing not done but lots of layouts are. :)

Well had planned on doing the ironing today but then sat down to finish a LO and ended up doing 4. lol. But first yesterdays party. Was going to blog last night but left my camera at my sisters. Woops. Anyway, kids had a great time, spent most of it on Mollies new trampoline jumping on my sister.

Which of course gave me plenty of time with the not-so-little-anymore Lillie. :)
so after stuffing themselves with sugar and running like nutters was a nightmare getting them to bed last night! Oh well, at least they had fun. lol.

This is a card I made for a Twilight addicts birthday. I don't own any stamps or anything related to Twilight scrapping so just did a red/black vampish theme. :)

And now for he layouts. :) This is the first I did, was for a challenge on UKS. The rules were:
1. Make your own background/pp - done this with the green stickers.
2. Embossing - didn't manage this one
3. Use Summer Colours - greens and blues
4. Stamping - in the bottom corners
5. Lace - under the bunny. :)

This was scrap lifted from the SC kit again. :) Picture is of Mark and the kids at the beach. They were far off when I took the photo but playing and splashing in the water together. :) So thought the title 'So far away yet close together' fit well. Ran out of E's though so need to buy another pack of these letters sometime!

This was for another challenge
scrap in a different size to usual - done
use ribbon - done
use scraps - done
include some visible journalling - done :)

Did the title in two parts as it was a big one. lol. I love this photo of my two playing together, so wanted to do a layout to show that thought they are different people are are so close and so similar.

This is a very special photo to me. It was the first holiday that Mark and I had together after we started going out. We went to Cheddar Gorge which is a beautiful place. It was also where I discovered Mark's terrified of heights! I had a great time jumping about near the edge with him freaking out. lol. Yeah I know I'm evil. :p But he did mange to go near to the edge where it was misty as he couldn't see below. lol

Well that's all I've done today! Got dr in the morning (8:20, joy) then going to my grans to paint her ceiling for her. Hope every ones enjoying the holidays!


  1. Some lovely LO Gemma, like the one especially, I Love you, nice story. Like the beach photo too!!!

    Carol X

  2. They're all really gorgeous

  3. Fab layouts - yeah better than ironing any day!!

    Love the card that you have done for the Twilight birthday.

  4. Take a look here Gemma -


Thanks for your comments. :)