Friday, 16 July 2010

Still not happy bunny. :(

Another morning, another plan down the drain. lol. Sorry if I seem a bit of a miserable cow latly. Just lots of little things going wrong and getting to me. Won't complain though, could be worse! lol.
Not up to much today, taking my computer over to marks friends house to see if he can fix it. Hopefully having a huge tidy up of my desk. I've done this about 8 times now, always saying 'this is the last clearout!' never is. lol.
This is how things look at the moment. Hoping by the end of the day it will look different! lol


  1. Good Luck with the tidy up :) xxx

  2. Can we have an updated picture then Missus?

    xxx and (((hugs)))



Thanks for your comments. :)