Friday, 9 July 2010

Candy draw and Birthday! (picture heavy)

Well today is my birthday. :) I'm 26 which to me is getting FAR too close to 30 for my liking. lol. Was woke up with brekkie in bed (which was eaten by the kids as I still have a tummy bug from yesterday, lol) then was given my crads from hubby and the kids.
This was Hubbys. Was really impressed as Hes never made a card before. lol.

These are from the kids, the one on the right is from Cameron and is Rosie from Thomas the tank engine, the one on the left is from Caitlin and is Barney. but I'm sure you could figure that out yourselves. ;)

So once we'd covered kids in suncream, located hats and forced them on we went to Stamford for the day. :) Was a nice peaceful day walking around the market and buying some yummy bits for later on as well as some books and magazines from the charity shops. We then went to my fave fish and chip shop for lunch. unfortunatly I still felt sick so just watched everyone. lol. Cameron had kids fish and chips. Kids?! Think I'd have struggled to finish it. lol

Caitlin had chicken nuggets and chips. :)

This is Cameron with his strange new habit he's picked up, making 'gunsi at everyone. :s Think daddy might have something to do with that!

Love this picture of me and Caitlin. Dont normally like pictures of me. lol.

Cameron and daddy enjoying ice cream. :)

Caitlin and Cameron enjoying MORE ice cream. lol

Before we left we went down to were the ducks usually are while the kids ate their ice creams. there didn't seem to be many ducks but were plenty of pigeons for some reason. This pigeon seemed to take it upon itself to terroise my daughter and kept chasing her. lol. Ok maybe I should have laughed, but he running away while shouting 'Go away! sit on the naughty step!' was very amusing.

Ok now onto pressies!!! Well kinda anyway, lol. yesterday I sold my glider chair which I had when the kids were babies. Was very hard to sell it as some of my fave memories are rocking them to sleep in that chair. :( But we just didnt have the space so decided to sell. Mark said as it was important to me that rather use the money for shopping or nappies, I should buy something nice for myself. Well wasnt going to say no, lol. So got this pretty little bird house. :) This is kinda for the kids too as they love watching birds in our garden, but we only really get huge pigeons or this crow who comes every morning for some reason. :-s

Ths I LOVE!!! Saw in one of those shops that sells loads of different bits and pieces. I originally wanted a cake stand from there so ummed and ahhed over what to get for ages. Finally decided on this and so glad I did. :) Its really solid and hopefully will help me organise my desk a bit!

As I didnt get my cake stand I got this to put over cookies and cakes while they cool. :) I hate the idea that flies might get on them so always close my windows while baking. Which at the moment leaves me melting! So will be glad of this im sure. lol.

This is what my Granny got me. :) Will be readng this tonight! Also got me lots of stickers, bless her.

Ok and onto the blog candy draw! Put all numbers onto a bit of paper and put them in a bowl. Cameron picked one out and it was number 8! So Karen if you let me know your addy I'll send your parcel off Monday. :)

Hope everyones well and thanks to all who have took part in my blog candy. :)


  1. Looks like you had a fantastic day ... I would LOVE a desk organiser like yours, I have a cardboard one and it is so handy ...

  2. Oh wow Gemma - must be my lucky day.

    Sorry you haven't been feeling so great - despite that I hope you have had a lovely day.

    I will email you my addy.

    K xx

  3. Ahh glad you had a nice day Gemma, I had a mini crisis when I turned 26 cos it meant I was late 20's needless to say I'm not looking forward to next year :) Love your pressies me thinks you got them from my fav shop :) xx

  4. Looks like you had a fabulous day! Love the finds. Hope you feel better soon. x

  5. Love the desk organiser, I've been trying to find one like that for ages:)

  6. And here was me thinking you were only 25!!! Glad you had a good birthday too (((hugs)))


    ps I love that desk organiser too!!!


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