Sunday, 4 July 2010

Get organised day

Well I had planned for a relaxing day today. Then I looked at the calender and realised we're out every day this week! Nothing fun just family visits and errands, so had to get organised today to make the week run more smoothly.
Had a nice relaxing night last night, watched The final destination which wasn't too bad. It was a 3d film at the cinima and there were lots of bits put in simply to have something thrown at the screen so think it would have been a lot better seen there rather than my living room. lol. The crazies was good too. your run of the mill killer virus film really, jumpy bits grusome bits but good to watch. Didnt have gore for gores sake which I think a lot of those types of films do.
Oh, been meaning to show you this for a while now. I'm a member of a social group on uks called the twilight addicts (wonder why, lol) and I recived this from the birthday fairy.

Isnt it cool. :) Well was a lot later logging on than I expected so will have lots to show you tomorrow. :)


  1. Cool card we have a very good birthday fairy. I thought the Final Destination was v cheesy you could def tell which bits were out in just for 3D sake xx

  2. Love your card.

    I must admit I don't usually watch those sort of those films as I hate gore. I have heard that Breaking Dawn may be done in 3D.

  3. Hee hee yes Gemma I was the birthday fairy for you - I suspect I will be using that stamp rather a lot.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - I cut the mats using one of the spellbinder label dies - hang on I will see what number it is as they do loads of label sets!! Right just checked it was Labels One. The swirls and hearts were cut using a sizzix die. I used an ek success retro flower punch for the flowers and then just embossed each petal using a flower shaping tool on a soft mat and stuck a dewdrop in the centre.


Thanks for your comments. :)