Monday, 26 July 2010

Twin lakes

Ok well managed a lot of little jobs today (including some cards I'll blog tomorrow) but nothing hugley interesting so thought I'd blog about our trip on Saturday. :)
Well we went on a big family trip to Twin lakes, was nice for all the kids to get together as with school/nursery/life they dont all see each other often.

There was a fair amount to do at the park, and was a nice day too so we made the most of it and focused on the outdoor rides. I was so proud of Mark as he has a dreadful fear of water but went on this boat ride with Cameron when he asked him too. Cameron wasn't that impressed however so only lasted about 3 minutes. lol

Now anyone whos been there will know what I mean but the park is SO hard ot find your way around!! Its not like alton towers were you just go around the lake, or follow a large path to the different areas, its all mixed up and like a big maze. We spent ages tryign to find the fountain area and eventually gave up as in this photo I should be sitting in a fountain according to the map. lol

Just a cute photo of Caitlin, lol.

Mollie and Cameron enjoying themselves.

My sister on the zip line. I very much wish I had a camcorder here as she was screaming the place down! lol

All in all was a good day. :) Will blog more crafty things tomorrow. :)


  1. looks like you all had a good fun day. Just what school holidays are all about :)

  2. I'll send my 3 along to join in the fun next time you go xxx

  3. Fantastic way to start the holidays! Pics look great and will be fab for scrapping. xxx


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