Saturday, 3 July 2010

Skint day :(

Evening all. :) Well as I said last night I spent last night watching this

I must say was a bit disappointed. They'd changed a few bits form the book I loved plus it didn't seem right at times as they couldn't show too much gore, so when a chareter stabbed themselves to death they managed to do so without tearing their shirt. lol. but still, was well worth seeing and was quite funny at times too. :)
So slept in this morning then went to my mums for a bit with the kids then home to let them play in the garden.
Was really proud of them as taught Cameron how to swing himself and Caitlin copied, so they both were swinging happily chanting 'legs under, legs out' which is what I showed them to do. lol.

Well we're VERY skint this week so will be going nowhere for a few days, lol. So hoping to finish the wedding album and send it off monday. Hope she likes it! Better run, we've borrowed 'The crazies' and 'The final destination' to watch tonight so bit of a horror movie fest. :) Will post a very yummy choc chip recipe tomorrow my gran gave me. :)


  1. The trouble is Gemma I don't think they would ever make a film that us twihards would be truly happy with unless they stuck totally to the book - but how many people would want to sit through a film that long - hey me me!!!! So long as they have included Bella breaking her hand hitting you know who and the leg hitch I will be happy LOL!!

  2. Yes - I tend to see things which annoy me, and never approve entirely of a movie adaptation - should they hire me as a consultant instead of some of the people they employ - particularly the ones who do the wigs? :lol: I think so!


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