Sunday, 21 October 2012

Best laid plans and all that

Well so much for my productive day! Mark had a sore stomach last night and hurt when he went for a pee, so put it down to a simple urine infection and added cranberry juice to the shopping list. Then this morning he shouts me from the bathroom, blood everywhere! Phoned the 8-8 clinic and answered a billion questions to be told a dr will ring us back within 20 minutes but then Mark has a fever fit so I decide sod it we're going to A&E. Turned out he has a very bad infection which was on the verge of turning septic. Hes got to stay in for a few days to have antibiotics through an IV but other than that will hopefully be ok :) Was So proud of the kids though, we were there from 9 until 2:30 and they were so well behaved. Even the nurses commented on it. They were fasinated when Mark had his canular put in, and when they did the ecg and other tests. I think its a good idea to let them see it really as then its not a big scary issue if they need anything done themselves. Well thats the idea anyway lol. I did plan on photographing the layouts I've done today but didn't work out that way so thought I'd share these :) My little snowman soups to go in the girls Christmas boxes. I haven't made the tags for them yet but the punch is in the garage and its raining so there it will stay for a bit. :)
Well my to do list has got much bigger now. Looks like Mark will be in until Wednesday so hope to get the majority of the DIY done while hes away so when he comes back I can take care of him if needed. Also have lots of crafts to do but thats more fun than work, and getting ready for the cyber crop next week. Yey! :)

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  1. I think it's a good idea for the children to see things like that because it does stop them being frightened of procedures, especially if their dad is taking it all in his stride. Those snowman soups look lovely x


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