Monday, 22 October 2012

Look, layouts :)

Well I did sit down intending to write this blog at 9:30 this morning, its now nearly 12 lol. Whenever something bad happens I either clean or cook. Now the freezer is stuffed so cookings out so have busied myself tidying. Think I mentioned before about the bedroom being a bomb site so I've gutted that :) Got a bin bag of scrap papers and magazines from my stash, bags of clothes for the charity shop and a box of toys for Argos and their trade in scheme. :) Really pleased its looking more organised now. Still have lots of things needing homes when we finish re-organising but feel like much less of a chav now lol. Last night I couldnt really tidy up much as the kids were in our bed so didn't want to wake them, so spent the time focusing on using up scraps instead :) I can't find anywhere for the big box of scraps so trying to use as much as possible and maybe fit it into a bag instead :s So did some really simple layouts but I like them :) This is Caitlin on the swing at my neice Evies birthday last year. God seems ages ago now as so much has happened! The large flower in the top corner was from my Christmas box swap, I think it goes perfect with the bright colours. The green semi circle with the blue gems was a leftover chipboard hoop part from another layout. I inked it green an added the gems, good way to use up all the teeny ones. lol
I love this photo of Cameron :) It was just after christmas last year and they were having a great time with their new scooters. I love the bright colours and how happy he looks :)
Theres the other part of the chipboard hoop, lol. This photo was taken the day after Caitlin stayed at my mums house overnight. Apprently Nanny showed Caitlin to put pants on her head and dance about. Why remains unclear to this day lol.
I'm so excited for Caitlin to come home from school :) Shes asked to go to see Disney on ice for a couple of years now but the bus trips were too expencive and I dont feel confident driving into the city center where they are. However my sister apprently does and is taking her two eldest for Christmas and said we can tag along :) Shes going to be so thrilled!!!! Will help take her mind off Mark anyway, she asked me for two kisses last night at bedtime, one from me and one from daddy. Bless her :)

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  1. I love all of the layouts but the one with the pants on their heads really made me laugh! I bet Caitlin will be thrilled about going to see Disney On Ice x


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