Monday, 15 October 2012

Poorly Caitlin

Well we're no into week three of caitlin vomiting on and off so off to the dr we went. Found out she has an ear infection and very enlarged tonsils! She hasnt complained at all! Have antibiotics now so hopefully that will get rid of everything once and for all. Other than that had a nice weekend :) My Dad and Mark watched the kids Saturday for us so me, my mum and sister could go Christmas shopping. Except for a couple little bits I am now DONE! Ok so I've said that before but serious now lol. Need to get something for my youngest niece and the traditional tree decorations I get them each year but thats not much :) Can't belive how quick this month is going! I've took on a few more hours at 'work', nothing big just another family and teaching a scrapbooking class at the center. The latter is great as Mark can come along so I don't need to worry about canceling if he has a bad day. The living room is coming on great. Painting is pretty much done, just need another coat on the stairs and then its just the radiator cover and couch to be delivered and put in. Im SO excited about the radiator cover as will mean I have a kinda mantle place to decorate at christmas. Would be nicer to have a fireplace yeah but better than nothing. lol. Will need new curtains and a new rug at later date but thats not going to be this side of Christmas anyway. Gives me something to shop for in the sale :) When it comes to crafting I've done nothing. Keep meaning to and during the day I look forward to the kids going to bed so I can sit and do some layouts but by the time bedtime comes all motiviation leaves me. In fact I'm sitting next to my mums bunting at the moment. Started it ages ago and not touched it since, really need to get it done as got lots of projects withe the Christmas deadline. I have done some swaps though :) This was what I recived in the christmas box swap, isnt it pretty!
Had some great stuff in it too, love this swap as you get lots of little bits, unlike when you buy a pack and it always comes with 6 of the same item in. Can get boring quick.
Well busy week ahead! Think I might make a list of everything that needs done and see if its even possible lol.


  1. Hope she is feeling better soon - love the photo that you took of her, she is positively beaming - look forward to seeing it scrapped. The box and goodies looks fab xx

  2. I hope she is starting to feel better now. I know what you mean about losing motivation in the evening, the same thing keeps happening to me! x


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