Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Productivness gone

Well all that 'get up and go' I had at the start of the week has well and truly got up and gone lol. Didnt get much done yesterday but that was mainly through checking on Mark regularly. Hes a bit more with it today, still no energy but not as sleepy iykwim. Hes quite happy curled up on the couch watching TV so hopefully will do better today. That said I just can't be bothered! Its cold and very grey outside and its really just the weather I want to curl up with a good book lol. The ironing pile is shouting at me though so better get that done *sigh* First though more layouts :) This is from Thomas land this year. probably the last time we'llbe going really as think the kids are too grown up for it now. Hopefully legoland next year. :) The stickers in the corner of the photo I actually bought when we where there, then put under my seat in the car so cameron couldn't see them. I completly forgot they were there until I gutted the car a few weeks ago and found them lol
I love this photo of me and Caitlin. It was in Turkey in the sulpher (sp) bath. The kids both loved it even though it stank. It was too deep for my mum though so she became photographer. Was nice as I'm usually behind the camera so was glad to get some photos of me with them for a change.
Well it was parents evening for Cameron last night. As expected a glowing report :) Hes very bright and very far ahead in maths and english, always willing to help and listen and a very popular little boy. :) So proud! Taking Caitlin to disney on ice for her reward next week so Cameron got to pick his, a day at Kids kingdom and wants Caitlin to come too even though he's not going on her day. How sweet is he!

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  1. AW loving that second LO, picture is gorgeous.
    Hope life improves for you this week and well done to the brainy kids in your life!!!


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