Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Hubbys home

Well got a call yesterday saying Marks kidney scan came back ok so there were sending him home. TBH was a bit surprised as Nurse originally said would be a minimum of 48 hours but suppose beds are like gold dust. His temp was up and down in the night so keeping a close eye. He keeps complaining about me taking his tempreture, swear hes a worse patient than the kids! lol. Hes still on strong antibiotics but they're oral rather than IV, but seriously look at the size of them!!!
I know he needs strong antibiotics but those a meal in themselves! lol, no wonder he has no appitite and keeps sleeping lol. Kids were thrilled to have him home :) Caitlin wouldnt leave his side. Went to bed last night to find she'd snuck in and was cuddled up next to him. they've got so close over the past few weeks, its adorable really. I didn't have a relationship with my biological father so means the world that Caitlins got such a good daddy :) Well with a poorly hubby on the couch DIY is out, so still focusing on decluttering and scrapping. Started on my wardrobe this morning; though I've been off the diet for 2 months now I've still maintained my weight (even lost a couple extra pounds :) so feel confident to chuck my 'bigger' clothes now. I seriously need to go shopping lol. All of my jeans are way too big, I was making do with using a belt but its got to the point where theres a lump of folded up jeans at the back lol. Know what I'll ask my Mum for for Christmas :) Onto the scrapping :) Still using scraps to do simple layouts, also been covering Jar lids for simple xmas gifts (more snowman soups, cookie mixes etc) SO simple to do and makes boring jars look quite cute :) Loved the backing paper on this, and it goes great with Caitlins dress so made it the focus. These photos are from Summer this year, took the kids out with Cam on his bike and Caitlin on her roller skates. Loved the bike banner at the bottom.
This is one of those 'perfect timing' photographs lol. Earlier this year when we had all the snow my Dad made 'thrones' for the kids by rolling large balls of snow and putting their sleds behind it. Got a lovely photo of all the kids on them (bar Evie who refused to look up lol) and then they asked Granddad to sit with them. JUST as I took the photo the snow he was sitting on collapsed and he fell back. All the adults were peeing themselves while the kids were concerned he was ok. They're better people than we are, lol.


  1. I'm glad Mark is well enough to come home. I love the layouts, the snow throne one really is a great shot :) x

  2. Glad to hear Mark is home Gemma, hope he gets better quickly. Fantastic layouts and I love how brilliantly the paper on the first one goes with Caitlin's dress, great find! :)


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