Thursday, 25 October 2012

OMG its almost half term!

How did that come about so quick?! Half term means the end of October, and that means I should have finished the October section of my Christmas 'to do' organiser. Yeah I really, really havent lol. See now a sensible person would say 'hmm, maybe I've bitten off more than I can chew here, maybe I should look at what I can cut down?' While I say 'Oh that swap looks fun on UKS, I can add that, OH and the Cyber crop is next week! Yeah I can add that too, and batch cooking soups for Mark and the kids? Easy peasy' Yeah, see I'm not a sensible person. Not one little bit :p I probably should cut down on doing layouts in favour of Christmas crafting, but with the cyber crop starting tomorrow theres seriously no chance of that happening lol. I've got the day to myself tomorrow as Marks off to the Top Gear show with my dad :) Hes feeling better but still ont 100% but I know my dad will take care of him and they sit down watching the cars most of the time so he should be ok. Planning on getting the painting done but might slip some scrapping in there too ;) Last two layouts until the crop. Got to cut letters tonight for bunting so thats going to take an age!!!! These photos are from Turkey, while Nanny and I would enjoy an adult cocktail the kids were very entertained by these ones which changed their tongues lol. I think it was just food colouring tbh and keep meaning to do it at home but never got around to it, maybe I should add it to the list :p
I also did a pre-crop challenge! Theres still a few I havent done yet but this one is called 'The time travellers wife' with the challenge being to do a layout from an old class. I actually did a fair few of the older ones as I kinda got into it but this was the one I liked the best. Randomly its a double layout, which I usually HATE but really like this one :) Its from the 'Scrappy little Christmas' cyber crop and was 'Winter wonderland treats' by leo. I did do this cyber crop but seriously dont remember doing this class lol, so may have a similar layout in an album somewhere but oh well. These pictures were taken Christmas morning last year. Caitlin looks still half asleep bless her and her eyes look all dark and tired. Shes still happy opening her gifts though :) She takes after her Daddy, takes a while for her to wake up in the morning. lol
Well better get started on my letters. Got to do 'merry christmas', 'mollie', 'evie', 'lillie', 12 E's and 12 M's see, gonna take me a while. lol

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