Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Got to stop decorating lol

Ok well Caitlin went back to school again today :) Hopefully she'll manage a full week this time! Thanks for all the get well soon messages for her :) She seems to be a lot better even with just the second day of antibiotics. Finished her dinner tonight for the first time in ages and even asked for seconds, thought it would be pushing her stomach a bit so I said no but at least it shows her appitite is coming back. Well made that 'to do' list last night and no its not really possible lol. Between illness' and decorating loads the general housework has seriously gone to pot. The ironing basket is overflowing and mine and Marks bedroom looks like a tip lol. We had a leak in the garage a few weeks back which is where we were keeping the kids christmas gifts; obviously couldnt with the rain so I pulled everything out of the bottom of our wardrobe and put it them in there. Unfortunatly everything that was in the wardrobe before, my craft stuff, paperwork etc, is still all over our bedroom. So, while I had planned to decorate more I think this week is seriously going to be more about catching up on cleaning. Ive also got to start planning my Christmas crafting as this month is speeding by! I recently did a handmade christmas decoration swap on uks and got some great decorations out of it :)
Arn't they pretty :) Can't belive how quick Christmas has come around again, will probably be even quicker this year as so busy between now and then. Very excited about it though :) lol


  1. Glad to hear Caitlyn is doing better, I think it is just going to be one of those years as my youngest has been off a good few times already this year and we are not even through the first half term! Good luck with the cleaning and planning, those decorations are fab! :)

  2. I'm pleased to hear Caitlin is on the mend. Good luck with all of your jobs, rather you than me!


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