Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Poorly day

Well I have two poorly kids home today. Caitlin was up most of the night being sick bless her so just let her sleep this morning while I got Cam up and ready for school. After 2 breakfasts, asking for a 3rd and then finding out Caitlin had the day off due to a poorly tummy Cameron started complaining his hurt. Yeah nice try I thought and took him into school. Got a call 2 hours later to pick up a very grey looking Cam :( So they've both spent the day on the couch watching TV. Not sure if Cam has the same thing Caitlin did though as hes not been sick. got a temp and complaining his joints ache, while Caitlin except from throwing up looks and acts perfectly fine. :S Keeping an eye on them both though. Well with them home my 'to do' list has gone to pot lol. Was supposed to be going shopping and town but thats obviously out, also had some crafting jobs to do but those are out too. Basically spent the day cleaning and a bit more painting. The day isnt complete these days until I've painted something lol. Moving into the living room now though which is exciting to me :) The kitchen and the hall were just repaints in the same colour iywkim, while the livingroom we're completly re-doing and wallpapering too so looks different :) Hoping kids are better tomorrow, or at least well enough to be dragged up town as have no milk, bread or washing powder left lol

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  1. Aww bless them, I hope they're feeling better now x


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