Saturday, 20 October 2012

Love productive days :)

Today has been one of those lovely relaxed days. Well it was for Mark and the kids I've worked my ass off lol, but enjoyed doing it, :) A few days ago I got this book in the post, it was from the decorated notebook swap on UKS and is perfect for all my Christmas planning. So last night I sat down and made loooooots of lists; gifts I've bought, gifts I still need to buy, food lists, to do lists for the house, crafting lists, the lot. Took a lot longer than I thought lol. Once all that was done I made a weekly planner in the back of the book with what needed to be done each week, shocked me how little time is left!
So made a good start today :) Mark basically watched tv and read stories with the kids, while the kids were just SO well behaved! Played shops, teachers and made pretty much everything out of playdough for ages. Let me get loads done so few bits crossed of this weeks list lol. As a reward let them watch Happy feet 2 in 3D which came from blockbuster this morning. They were so cute! Caitlin kept saying 'It looks real!' While Cam yelled out at one point where a whale came at the tv lol.
Hopefully will have another productive day tomorrow. intend to finally put up te blind in the kitchen. Only been meaning to do it for 2 years so not too long!

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  1. I remember watching Jaws in 3D many years ago and I shouted out too! You seem so well organised for Christmas x


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