Thursday, 11 October 2012


Look she can smile! lol. After the palava trying to get her to smile at her photo I asked her to do one at home. I think she was surprised how upset I was when she didn't smile before so bless her she grinned her heart out. :) Think I prefer this to her school photo anyway.
Well I have a very happy household today. Yesterday Marks christmas gift came, lol. As we needed a new one anyway I got him a tv from the catalog. Wouldnt have been able to afford it outright but with buy now pay in 3 months, then 3 months intrest free think we can manage it :) Then this morning our taster box from the american candy store came.
Honestly I think if I just got two of these for the kids at Christmas they'd be happy, lol. They wanted to try pretty much everything before school but obviously said no to that one! Did try a few things over the day though lol. Skor - Like a Dime bar but softer and thicker. Very yummy even Mark liked it and hes not a big dime fan lol. Candy corn - Now this was odd, I always thought candy corn was hard, like rock. This was soft and kinda bland. Cameron ended up eating them, lol, he seems to like all the stuff nobody else does. Two tone - Strawberry flavoured chocolate with something in it. Described by Mark as 'I think its supposed to be crispy but its not' lol. Caitlin started off having it for her pudding but gave it to mark in the end. Peppermint bark - For something with 3 layers (milk choc, white choc and peppermint) this was remarkably bland! lol. Think it was cheap chocolate though. The rest has been put away for movie nights and treats :) Should keep us going for a while!!


  1. That picture is just beautiful. That is an awful lot of candy! x

  2. C is soo cute!! and its a lovely pic too! but ooh that candy!! got any reese's? lol


  3. Oh wow doesn't she look so adorable! She looks alot like you in that photo :) Mmmmm the candy looks yummy, I have heard a lot of mixed reviews on the American candy, I suppose it just depends on your taste although I know I like the Reese's, anything that has peanut butter in has to be good! :D


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