Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Sketch challenge

Well this morning didnt quite go as I'd hoped :( Was school picture day, was so looking forward to it as obviously its Caitlins first school photo. While shes been poorly again seemed fine this morning and was very eager to be going back to school and seeing her friends. So got her all dressed, did her hair nice and lookign very pretty put her coat on.........only for breakfast to make a reappearance :( Got to love Cameron though, I'm holding a still vomiting Caitlin over the sink, Marks cleaning the floor and Cameron pipes up 'What do you think Mummy? Should she go to school or stay home?' hmmm I'm thinking home somehow! Poor Caitlin though burst into tears, she really wanted to go back to school. Felt so guilty but what could I do?! Decided to take her into to get her photo taken and then bring her right home. So took her in, and she flat out refused to smile. Begged, bribed, none of it, so won't be getting her photo after all. Was devistated. Going to try and get some photos of her at home but its not the same. Well just to prove to myself she CAN smile in photos thought I'd share this layout I did for our sketch challenge this month. Was a simple one as haven't done a layout in a while. Love these photos of Caitlin opening her birthday pressies this year, she showed SUCH expression.
See lol, used mainly scraps for this as still packing and sorting my stash so don't know where half of it is!
Hopefully Caitlin will be at school tomorrow. Think staying at home isnt as fun as she remembers. I'm shopping in the morning and coffee with my Mum in the afternoon. Need to try and find some shoes for Caitlin for christmas, wish me luck!

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  1. Oh bless her, I hope she's feeling better now. Great layout x


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