Sunday, 28 October 2012

Love relaxing days :)

Well yesterday was pretty hectic, fun, but hectic. The homestart center I work for had a party for all the volunteers and their families. Usually when I go to thier events I'm working as well so don't get to really enjoy it so was lovely to just be there with the kids and play :) It was a halloween party so kids could dress up if they wanted. Cameron went as his usual knight (normal dress just has a sword and shield lol) but Caitlin wanted to be a princess :) She was originally going to be sleeping beauty which she has but a little big for her, good old Nanny came to the rescue though. Caitlin was poorly again Friday night (no idea whats going on there) so Nanny bought her a Belle dress to cheer her up. It fitted perfectly and looked great with her little tiara I got from Primark :)
They both had a great time at the party. Running about like loonies and stuffing themselves with cake, hot dogs and burgers, Caitlin was obviously feeling better. We then went shopping as had run out of a lot of basics and needed to get veg as planning on doing some batch cooking this week as out of soups and stews in the freezer. Nearly passed out when it came to £130, £130!!!!! I didnt even think I'd got that much!!! Everything is just SO expencive these days, got a letter yesterday too saying my gas/electric bill is going up by £40 a month. Belt tightening going to be happening soon I think!! Well yesterday didnt manage much for the cyber crop but did get this one done saturday. Was from the class 'The patchwork papers' by Suzysnail. Was time consuming cutting up all the squares as I didn't have a punch but love the result. :) Poor photo as had to use my phone as camera is dead *rolls eyes*
This one I did this morning :) Was a class by lruk called 'our story' Mine didnt turn out half as nice as the class but still like it lol. I;m not a big fan of misting and paints as it always seems to warp my papers so only used a little. Used photos from our recent holiday to Turkey. My daughter LOVED the pancakes they made there, in these pictures my poor hubby had just brought a plate back for himself and gone to get a drink. While he was gone our daughter scoffed the lot! Obviously I found it more important to photograph than to stop her. lol
Right well off to make lunch, something warm I think as its freezing here and I'm NOT putting the heating on lol.

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  1. Caitlin really does look like a proper princess, I hope you get to the bottom of what keeps making her sick. Love the layouts x


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