Friday, 26 October 2012

Cybercrop day!!

YEY! Its finally cyber crop day :) There are 3 classes and a challenge today starting at 10am, but before I can start scrapping I've got to do this
Yep more painting, bah. The landing and stairway needs to be done by mid November as thats when the couches SHOULD be coming and I want all livingroom areas done by then. BUT we really only have this week to get it done as next week is half term (no chance of painting then lol) and the week after my Mum is having Caitlin for a couple of nights so we can have her room all done and make it a surprise for her :) Poor Mum has so much overtime coming up thats the only time she could help out so got to have the painting done today!!! Not doing too bad so far, got the first coat done so just having a cuppa while that dries. Have all the windows open so its arctic in here but its helping it dry quicker so thats the main thing. Had a lovely moment this morning :) Caitlins teacher has left to go on maternity leave. She was a lovely woman who Caitlin adored so I admit I was a little worried about a new teacher coming in. I met her on parents evening and she seemed nice enough but you never know. Anyway Caitlin drew a picture last night for her. She worked really hard on it and this morning she had daddy write 'I love my family and my teacher' so she could copy it. She was so pleased with herself and was so excited to give it to the teacher. Now all other parents will know where I'm coming from here, but isn't it so scary when your child is so excited about giving a gift, just in case it isnt well received? So she walked to school with it, being very careful not to crease it or anything and walked proudly into the classroom and showed it to her teacher. At this point I'm watching in the window hiding to see how teacher reacts. She ohhed and ahhed and pointed at it obviously asking questions, Caitlin smiled away and answered back. Then when the teacher had all the kids sitting down for register she showed Caitlins picture to them :) I couldnt hear what was said but Caitlin was beaming :) Now decided I love her teacher and shes getting a good christmas gift :) :) Right wall looks dry enough now so off for coast number 2!

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  1. Oh that is so sweet, well done Caitlin x


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