Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Getting there :)

This morning we woke up to find that Star had put googley eyes on all the photos in the living room. It looked quite creepy to be honest! I was pleased to find she had used my low tack glue though so didn't leave any marks anywhere ;)
Today was busy, busy, busy as usual. I finished Camerons class gifts yesterday, hot chocolate spoons, so he and Caitlin took them all in today. Slowly starting to see my bedroom floor again! I also made some snowflake pops for the party bags. Basically oreos dipped in white chocolate and covered in edible glitter and icing snowflakes :)
After some quick shopping I got home to find this! Happy mail! Im in a stocking swap on UKS again and mine came today. So exciting. I haven't opened any as I'm being good but I'm guessing there's some scented candles in there as it smells beautiful!
Tonights job, finishing teacher gifts and starting giant snowflakes!

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  1. All this crafting is keeping you VEEEEERRRRRRY busy!


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