Thursday, 18 December 2014

Party party party!

Today is hectic and busy! Bad Mummy I am I forgot to get any photos at all lol. But in my defence its been go, go since the moment we woke up!
Star must have remembered after the last disco poor Caitlins legs hurt so she brought them both hot water bottles this morning. Caitlins was a lovely pink fluffy one and Cam got one with a pug in a bowler hat lol.
So first party of the day was Camerons. Dropped him off at school with his back pack, bag with party clothes, bag with swimming clothes and a huge box of cheese sandwhiches. One job done off to get Marks bloods done. Um, no. They were on number 14 when we got there, Mark was number 59. Waited a while but ended up leaving.
Next was town, Asda, pet shop, my doctors then home. Did have more to do but poor Mark was struggling to walk by now so home to bed for him. Housework for me then time to collect Cait and party!
The disco went really well :) Cait had a great time and I managed to get all my jobs done so I could spend a bit of time dancing with her too. Though think she was a little embarrased about me singing 'Let it go' ;) Oh well.
One more day then school is finished for Christmas!!! Think I'm more excited than the kids :)

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