Thursday, 4 December 2014

Turning into a smurf.

Star was a bit nicer this morning and brought the kids a decoration each for the tree.
Caitlin got a beautiful Elsa themed shoe while Cameron got an adorable little teddy bear which looks just like his. :)
Managed to finish off the teacher gifts so thats more things making their way out of the house, yey! The teachers all got some hot choc spoons, a decorated mug and a few mini jars of jams. Teaching assistants got the mugs and spoons. Kids say they went down well. :)
While things are going out of the house, things are also coming in. Including a box of import goodies we get each year :) Included in it was a bottle of 'Brainalizer' a very odd looking blue drink which fizzed up everywhere as soon as I opened it and has stained the hell out of everything!!
Seriously I can't get it off my hand! Needed a lot of scrubbing and bleach to get it off my counters so think I'll just stay looking like a smurf for a bit lol.

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  1. Loving the surf look! Or have you been robbing cash machines!?


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