Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Third times a charm

Star was naughty this morning and had a marshmallow/snowball fight in the kitchen with some of the other toys! Messy these elves.
Speaking of messy I had bought Scamp a toy from TKmaxx at the weekend. No joke it lasted about an hour before it broke. Unimpressed I took it back and exchanged it for another one. This one didn't even last until I was out the room!! Felt dreadful taking it off him as he just stood at the cupboard where it was and cried. Third time a charm I got a new one which fingers crossed has held together so far! You can see he's happy about it ;)
So as I was busy making snowflakes to decorate the livingroom I thought the kids would like to help me :) That lasted all of 15 minutes before they got bored but I got some cute photos of them anyway.
This month seems to be going by so much quicker than last December. No idea why, it's no busier really. Caitlin was asking about going to the cinema earlier but I really don't know when we can squeeze it in! This weekend alone we have 3 parties. Will be needing a holiday in the new year at this rate lol.

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