Sunday, 21 December 2014

Brilliant day :)

So yesterday was very emotional. There was lots of crying and hugging and while a little of it was sad a lot of it was happy :) And annoyingly enough I can't say why!!!!! :) Will later though ;)
So onto today :) Star was very naughty and dyed our milk pink! Didn't matter though as we were off out for breakfast :)
At the start of the month we asked both the kids what they wanted to do over Christmas to make it special. Camerons choice (not surprising) was an 'all you can eat' breakfast at out local beefeater. As kids go free there was really cheap. We had planned to go tomorrow but we're babysitting now so went this morning.
Was SO glad we did :) We got there early, so was a lovely relaxed breakfast at first. Then loads of kids started to arrive, most of who were from the kids school so they went off to play and chat while parents chatted over refillable coffee :) Then the big surprise came, Santa walked in! We didn't realise he was coming but was a lovely treat. The kids got to chat to him and got a little gift too.
3 hours later we left very full and happy little family. Dropped the kids at Grans while Mark and I braved Asda for the christmas shop then home for snuggles and Christmas movies. Brilliant day!

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