Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Guilty Mummy

This morning Star brought a little treat for Scamp. Poor boy has the vets today for his annual check up and boosters so I think she knew he would need a pick me up :)
Thankfully vets went fine. She checked him over and asked if I had any concerns, gave him a quick injection and we were out of there. Don't think Scamp enjoyed it though. Funny as Poppy had hers the other day and it didn't bother her at all, while Scamp is now sulking about the house acting all sorry for himself.
Must be a male thing no matter what the species, man flu, dog flu lol.
Chilling out a bit tonight as got the infants Christmas disco tomorrow. 4 hours of hyper kids singing and dancing. The wine is in the fridge waiting for me to return! lol

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