Tuesday, 9 December 2014

First illness of the season.

Star was very naughty this morning and we found her trying to steal sweets from our sweet box! Please ignore my messy cloakroom lol.
We thought we had been quite clever with this one. The Cameron said 'I thought she could fly, why couldn't she just fly up and get the sweets?' um................ Kids too clever for his own good sometimes!
Today poor Caitlin seemed a bit off. :( She was fine at school, then fine visiting my Mum after school but taking Mark back from the drs she suddenly went really white and said she felt sick. :( Brought her home and she was weepy and said she felt ill so poor baby had to miss Rainbows. :( Proud Mummy moment through when Cameron got out the Elf on the shelf book and read to her to cheer her up.
fx this bug goes away soon!

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  1. So many bugs going around that I don't even want to step out of the front door!


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