Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Nope, not over yet!

Well Caitlin seemed ok this morning so off she went to school. Mark however had spent the night on the couch (Caitlin was in with me, he wasn't in trouble lol) so he was feeling really rough so I still had a poorly patient to take care of.
We were so wrapped up in worry for Caitlin last night that we forgot about Star even being in the house! So were very surprised to wake up and find her sharing some crisps with Caitlins puppets. Maybe it was a good think Mark wakes up a lot in the night ;)
With the house clean, and not being able to venture far was kind of a dull day here. Finished a jigsaw I was doing though
Quite a pretty one too :)
So picked Caitlin up form school, she was happy and chatting away on the way home. Gets home and is ill, very ill. Quick bath and snuggled up in comfy pjs on the couch she seems a lot better now, but really think school is out of the question tomorrow. :(

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