Sunday, 14 December 2014


Well we had a naughty Star again this morning! She had put socks and pants (clean ones!) all over our tree!
Think she knew she would be in trouble so decided to hide.
Today we were supposed to be going to Twin Lakes on a trip but unfortunately we were unable to go so instead we had a crafty day and made a rocky road house :) We did have a gingerbread house but that went a bit wrong so this was the replacement lol. The kids loved it. Showed thier different personalities as Camerons side was just chucked together and covered in icing, while Caitlins was very precise and neat :) Both tasted good though ;)
So a lovely relaxing day :) Including a funny comment from Cameron.

Cameron messing about and drops wii u remote. Told him if he gets up off the couch no wii u for a week.
He sits sulking.
Mark - don't sulk mate you made a mistake move on, even if u fall on your face you're still moving forward.
Cameron - I'm not allowed to move forward I'm not allowed off the couch

Ever feel like you should just keep your mouth shut? lol

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