Thursday, 11 December 2014

Seems much better today :)

Star must have known Caitlin was poorly so brought a little gift to cheer her up :) Such a charitable little elf she had adopted a snow leopard for Caitlin and Cameron a penguin. Was a good job too because Caitlin was so upset when we said we were keeping her off :( She loves school bless her but I explained if she's poorly she couldn't go, and as shes singing at school tomorrow I know she really wants to be better for then, seemed to calm her down.
She scared the life out of me though! mark and our neighbours were taking Cam to school and Caitlin cuddled up with me in our bed. She said she was hungry so I went to make her some toast. Next second there was screaming! I run out of the kitchen to find her standing on the stairs crying because her legs feel like jelly and she was going to fall. Scooped her up and put her on the couch with very strict instructions not to move! Scamp stood guard until Daddy was home.
She was feeling so sorry for herself I gave her her christmas dressing gown early. She loves fluffy things so when I found this super soft dressing gown with little bear ears I knew she would love it. Did seem to perk her up which is good :)
Well we have our Christmas craft fayre at school tomorrow. So much to organise and do!!!


Thanks for your comments. :)