Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Last night Star decided to spray snow onto the kids windows. All I can say is I hope she never does it again! OMG that stuff is dreadful! It goes everywhere and flakes all over the place. Forgot to get a photo but tbh was a bit of a mess so not missing anything lol.
Well today is mainly about planning :) My other notebook is now full so now using one Caitlin decorated for me. How cute is this?!
Shes also put photos of her and Cameron inside the first few pages so I can look at them while I make my lists :)
Today was also camerons school play. He was a singer in the choir and it was so cute to see him singing along and doing all the actions etc. He was very proud of himself which was great as usually he hates those kind of things.
Made me laugh too, he told me on the way to school:
Cameron - We can stand where we like in the choir as long as its not next to someone we chat to too much.
Me - Are you allowed to stand with Cody?
Cameron - No the teacher put him on the other side of the room.
Sounds about right!

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