Saturday, 13 December 2014

Santa at the farm!

Every year we take the kids to visit Santa somewhere, This year was our local farm. Star had decided to be naughty this morning and wrote 'Say hi to santa!' on our bathroom mirror. I had a little panic when it wouldnt come off but nail varnish remover came to the rescue!
Was an amazing day out :) Was short as caitlin had a party to go to this afternoon but we packed a lot in.
First making reindeer food.
Then a trip around Santas workshop
A quick visit to Star the donkey. Obviously named after santas favourite elf ;)
before making christmas cards
and meeting the big man himself! Scamp was less than impressed with Santa but was very interested in playing with the labrador who was also in there lol.
I love the santa at the farm. He is so nice and his workshop is so magical. You have to exit through a magic door which appears from a wall of wrapped gifts :) Cameron made me laugh, Santa was goiing around the children asking what they wanted. All the kids were saying simple things like a doll, a yoyo, a bike etc. Then he came to cameron.
Santa - And what would you like young man?
Cameron - A ds came from the Pokemon series called Pokemon alpha sapphire version!
Boy knows what he wants! Santa didn't give it to him there and then of course but gave them both a little toy.
Time to stop for lunch! Kids played with their new toys while we had a beautiful lunch in the cafe beside a proper log fire. I of course had black forest hot chocolate. Yummy!!!
Quick play at the park then hometime.
A brilliant day out!!! Off out with my Mum tonight for her works do. Another girl dropped out so its a free night out. :) Wish me luck, I'm wearing heels for the first time ever!!!

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  1. Hope you managed to stay upright on those heels!


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