Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas fayre

Today was our PTA Christmas Fayre. I admit I was worried about how popular it would be as trust me a LOT of work and hassle has gone into it!
Star started off the day well though bringing the kids some cash to enjoy the games :)
Well I shouldnt have worried, it was HEAVING! We made twice what we made at our Summer fayre. It was supposed to run from 1:30 to 4:30 but at 3:30 we had to start turning people away as we had run out of prizes on all the stalls! The kids had a great time too which was lovely. As well as the stalls Caitlins year sang for the parents and decorated trees. This was the one form Caitlins class. Can you guess what film it was based on? :)
As well as loads of prizes I came home with this little bargain. We rented out a few tables to local crafters and one woman made lots of cushions, decorations etc. She did it as a hobby so only charged for materials so this was only £1.20! £1.20! I love it :)
We got her name for the summer fayre too ;)

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