Sunday, 7 December 2014

Party time!

Well Star showed up with her party hat this morning all ready to party!!!
As a few of the girls were singing in a choir that afternoon I had to have the party a little earlier than usual so didn't get any 'before' photos lol.
First activity was decorating crowns for the girls, and antlers for the boys.
Activity two was turning the Daddies into Olaf :) The Mums were in hysterics!
Kids all hyper we decided to calm them down and decorate plates for Santas cookies :)
Before lunch and some Frozen on tv. Mums were ready for a small wine by this point! lol
Look, Frozen cake :)
Now we did buy a Pinata, but it turned out to be a little robust for the kids to break with hitting it so I just threw it in the middle of them and let them rip poor Santa to bits!
After playing, running around screaming and generally being crazy, the kids made an ice cream sundae with ingredients from my ice cream bar in their own Olaf cups :)
Party over for another year!! Wanted to get a photo of what I'd put in their goodie bags but completly forgot. Early night needed I think.


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