Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Christmas jug!

Yesterday my niece Mollie was off school due to the strike, as I had to do shopping and other boring jobs I took her to The Range to help break up the boring stuff :) I love it in there at this time of year. All the Christmas stuff is out and its all lit up and pretty :) I love all the Christmas tat so I'm in my element, Didn't buy any decorations but couldn't resist this.
Cute little Santa mug :) Like I've said before Christmas is a HUGE deal in my house. this year I'm planning to do a special breakfast each morning. usually mornings are rush rush in the house, particually now I have my nieces to get to school too, but I'm stockpiling things like Pop tarts, crossants and the more expencive cerials the kids don't usually get with the plan of having a nice, sit down breakfast together each morning. With that in mind I thought this would be ideal to let the kids pour their own milk. They love to do it but giving them a huge jug of milk is just asking for trouble really, this is much more manageable :)
Didn't do much today, watched 'The Host' this morning which I actually thought was really good! have had the book on my kindle for ages but most reviews I've read slated it so never got around to it, think I'll make it next in the queue now :)

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  1. Aw, they'll be well chuffed - fingers crossed for no spillages :)


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