Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Ages ago I took part in a pay it forward on facebook. The idea being that I would promise to send a gift sometime this year to the first 5 people who commented on my status and they would do the same. I've sent out all mine but one, which has gone wrong so I'm currently rethinking lol, and in return so far I've got a beautiful chocolate basket and now this:
one of my friends recently went to america and got me this hand sanitiser with a holder to clip it onto my handbag so I can take it everywhere, there is also this beautiful handmade keyring. You cant see in the photo but the colours change as it moves and you can spin the bead on the pin round. Im dreadful for fiddling with things when I'm thinking and have a necklace I love which has a ball that spins so this is ideal for me!
Not been crafting unfortunately as taking care of Lillie is a little more demanding than I anticipated! I remember the terrible 2s being bad but OMG I think I blocked some of it out! Cam cracked me up this morning though, I'd interrupted Lillies breakfast (45 minutes into eating one slice of toast) to get her dressed. Apprently the jeans I put on her made her unable to walk, so she sprawled herself on the floor like a starfish. 'I can't eat my breakfast! I can't walk! I can't eat my breakfast! I can't walk!' Cameron: 'Well crawl then!' Boy will make a good dad someday :)

ETA - For those messaging me about our X-rays thank you I'm fine :) Mark however has somehow, sometime in the past broke his foot, not noticed and had the bone heal weird! We think it must have been when he was really ill and not mentally there enough to feel the pain and realise he'd done it. can't do much about it now so the pain he has sometimes he'll just have to deal with but compared to everything else its way down the line lol. At least we have an answer I suppose :)


  1. I must get round to finishing my PIF!
    Hope Lillie improves.
    Glad you're fine :)

  2. Glad you are well Gemma although can't believe Mark broke his foot without realising! Hope Lillie's behaviour improves and thanks for the PIF reminder :)

  3. Awww lovely gift - the keyring is lovely x I have an old healed fracture in my wrist that went untreated - we were on holiday at the time when I fell on our narrow boat so I just stoically carried on with the holiday using ice compresses and keeping it strapped up, really gives me gip now in the cold weather. Karen x


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