Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Just when you think things have settled a bit........
When the kids came into our care we agreed with their dad that he would see them monday and friday nights and alternate weekends. Monday he showed up ok. Friday 2 hours late, then Saturday 4 hours late. I was RAGING! No calls to say why, nothing. Kids were gutted, problem is is this isn't the first time by a long shot. He did this constantly with my sister but she didnt do much about it. Yeah she isn't me. When I answered the door I told him next time he lets them down he can take me to court to see them. Last night was another no show so messaged him I look forward to hearing from his solicitor. I honestly think he's going to show up on Friday as though nothing has happened and then I get to shut the door in his face. Must admit I would enjoy that :p
Off the drama though like I said yesterday I did manage some layouts :) I know these were from one of the counterfit kits I made last month but can't remember which one, got to laugh I've just started it in time for the new one to come out!
Photo from when we were at turkey last year. We took the kids on a 'kiddie cruise' which was amazing. Adults could sunbathe on the top deck with food and wine and kids had games, toys and ice cream down in the shade.
Using up some of my seriously old ameican crafts stickers.
Ugh I love and hate this photo. Its nice to have a photo of me and Mark but I look dreadful! Love this paper though :)
I've had this jar in my stash for a while now, never knew how to use it before but think its quite cute here :)
Well tomorrow is school photo day for the girls so I don't have to take them in so quieter morning here, yey!


  1. Great layouts, that cruise sounds bliss.
    Good luck with "dad"

  2. Gorgeous layouts. It's not fair when people mess about with their kids by letting them done :( x


Thanks for your comments. :)