Thursday, 31 October 2013


Today is obviously halloween :) Caitlins been SO excited about this for weeks. :) Typically with Catilin she was poorly last night so was a bit worried she wouldn't be ok for today but after an early night and lots of sleep she seems better. Bit pale but nothing too big :) For Halloween we always go to East Carlton Park. They have lots of events on like bouncy castles, fair rides and a spooky walk through the woods. It would be too scary to go at night so we go when its light and let the kids walk about and see people setting up.
This year Caitlin went as a princess, surprise surprise, and Cameron wanted to go as Mario :) We had the outfit from a Christmas gift last year but had a draw on a mustache with my eyeliner. Cameron was NOT pleased at wearing MAKE UP! but came around when he saw how good it looked lol.
After a spooky walk, where Caitlin gripped my hand for dear life, we went to my Grans for the kids trick or treat bags then home to watch Shreks Halloween special and snuggles. Was actually pretty funny :)

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  1. Sounds like you all had fun :)
    Cute picture :)


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