Sunday, 20 October 2013


As we all know, Mark memory is useless, however my memory when it comes to names and faces is almost as bad and I often have people talking to me and I have no idea where I know them from. Which led to a mortifying moment in Asda today.
I was shopping with the kids and was tired from this weekend anyway, I was trying to find the bread I wanted when Mark said 'Are you not going to say hi?' and pointed at the lady next to him:
Me - Oh hi sorry, my heads not here right now.
Her - Oh its fine Asda does that, hows things?
me - Fine, just back from Turkey so getting things organised.
Her - Oh sounds busy, not fun with kids in tow.
me - No they hate asda, well better get on with it, chat to you later.
Her - ok bye.
Me (to mark) - Who was that?
Mark - Wasn't that Katie?
Me - No!!
I was chatting to some random stranger!!
Didn't help matters that I was so flustered I turned around and put the bread in a trolley, looked and thought 'I didn't buy milk' then heard' Um, that's my trolley'
I'm never going Asda again.


  1. Lol, it comes to us all love!

  2. Oh dear, that really has made me laugh xx

  3. So it isn't just me that does stupid stuff like that LOL!!!


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