Sunday, 6 October 2013

Pick your precious

Wow its the start of the month again! Which means its time for 'Pick your precious'.
This month I've picked my scrapbooking stash. This isn't typically an 'item' but scrapbooking is such a huge part of my life and is so important to me I couldn't not include it.
While both my babies were very much wanted and are very much loved, both were a bit of a surprise. Cameron was the result of medical intervention which we were told had a less than 1% chance of working, and Caitlin.....well she was the result of the first time my Mum babysat so was even more of a surprise! Sadly it was during my pregnancy with Caitlin that Marks health shot downhill so I found myself in and out of hospital with Mark, caring for a baby with colic, epilepsy and night terrors, and also with a big bump. Unsurprisingly I was diagnosed with post/prenatal depression and was assigned a family support worker to come in once a week and chat to me.
She was a lifesaver. After Caitlin was born thing were obviously even more difficuilt and by this time I'd lost contact with pretty much all of my friends so was very isolated. Yvonne (my worker) suggested finding something for me, that I could do to be myself and not a mum/wife/nurse. However like most new Mums my world resolved so fully around the kids I felt guilty doing anything else. if I was sitting watching tv I felt I should be cleaning or something to make their lives better. I'd used to do card making so enjoyed crafting and knowing Marks illness Yvonne suggested making a life book, putting things in it about Mark so the kids would remember their daddy if he wasn't around when they grew up. With this in mind I bought 'Scrapbook inspirations' and that was it I was hooked :) Though this hobby I have made SO many friends online who I have met up with, had amazing support from and really been a lifeline to me over the years, I've found a hobby I love which I can express myself through and now as Caitlins getting older she joins in as well. :) I've also done a number of classes and workshops to help others to scrap photos to help them bond or make life books for their families or foster children and now use it to help bond with my niece Mollie.
And to think it all started with a magazine :)

Thanks for reading my story, please go to Sians blog hereto read more :)


  1. Gemma, I think this is a brilliant thing to pick for a Precious. My love of scrapbooking started when I picked up a copy of Scrapbook Inspirations in the newsagents one day too and now I can't imagine life without it. But your story of the lifeline it has been for you? Inspiring! Thanks for sharing it and I hope you keep on scrapping for many years to come

  2. I know how much my e-maginary friends and scrapping meant to me while dh worked away and I felt isolated so empthase - delighted to hear you are teaching others about it too. Such a great precious :)

  3. It's good to hear how scrapbooking helped you!

  4. I remember you telling the story of the early days with Mark's illness and the children but I didn't know that's how you found your way to scrapping. A really lovely story x

  5. A lovely story, Gemma - the scrapbooking world is great in so many ways and I'm glad it brought us together :)


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