Saturday, 19 October 2013


You may have noticed my blog posts being a bit short this week, thats because we were all in Turkey :) One week of sitting about, sunning ourselves and eating, lol. We really lucked out with the weather, it was beautiful except for one day where they had a HUGE storm. Seriously I've never seen rain like it! It was just like a sheet of water coming down. Wasn't long before the streets were all flooded but was fun to watch from the warmth of the hotel.
Kids as usual loved the pool, Cam scared the life otu of me though by dissapearing. Couldnt see him anywhere then heard giggles.
Should have known really, little beggers done this before!
One night we took the bus into town to see the dancing fountains. There were really impressive and reminded us of Dreams at Disney. :) Kids were mesmerised and stayed for about an hour just watching.
Love this picture Mum took :)
We didnt take half as many photos this time as we didn't do many excursions, just to the market and a mini cruise. We were supposed to go on a jeep safari but typically that was the day of the huge storm so that was cancelled. Was discusted with the service we got though, nobody actually came and told us so there were 4 families with kids just sitting there waiting. Managed to ring someone (on my mobile, at MY cost) and was told it was cancelled we would get a refund that day. Didn't get it until end of next day, our LAST day, and even then was only because I forced the rep to go get it. Was the only bad part of our holiday though so won't dwell on that :) We took my middle niece Evie with us and she LOVEd it! Couldn't get her out of the pool most days, even wanted to go in when it was raining! Also sent my two to the on-site kids club. Never done that before as felt odd in a different country and lets face it I'm over protective enough in this country but glad I did as they really enjoyed it. They did parties at night time with different themes so was nice for us to sit and have a drink just the adults too.
Caitlin in a Fez, just because they're cool ;)
Mum took this on the plane home, No idea why I'm wearing Cams hat lol.
Well back to normality now! Lots of washing, ironing and unpacking to do :)


  1. Some lovely photos, glad you all had a lovely time :)

  2. Lovely family photo of you all and great shot of Caitlin - she is so cute in a fez


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