Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Still crafting

Lady at the post office has seen me a lot the past few days lol Been posting off lots of swaps and Christmas gifts, including this box for my pregnancy groups secret santa. That isn't my way of announcing I'm pregnant btw, we've just all been friends since I first started trying for Cameron all those years ago. She loves trinkets, photoframes and handmade stuff so I bought her a ladder frame similar to this one.
The made her a fridge notepad and some pegs to hang up christmas cards (will share those another day). It all fitted neatly into one of those boxes I made the other day so decorated it and sent it all off in the post. :) Hope she likes it.
Mark woke up today with one of his Tramdol headaches. These usually leave him in a dark room for a couple of days so was quite lucky that the girls dad decided to take them out for a bit to give us a break. hes sersiously unreliable so was amazed he turned up tbh! Was nice to spend some time just with my two. Played some computer games, snuggled up and watched some tv. Was simple and lovely :)
Caitlin made me laugh though, she found her old baby bib in the drawer and insisted on wearing it for dinner. I asked her why 'Because it has flowers on' was the answer. Fair enough :)

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