Friday, 11 October 2013

Things to do with boxes

Last year a new head started at the kids school, shes very much into parents getting involved with their childs education which is fine with me :) Part of this is each term they have a topic theme and they have to make something at home based on this. At the end of term all the work is put on display in the hall and the parents can go and view it.
Caitlins topic was 'Family and people who help us' We made a scrapbook of photos of the family and Caitilin wrote on each one who they were and how they were related to her. Was funny because she wouldn't believe me that her nanny was my Mummy, and that her Granny was my Granny and her Nannys mummy lol. A lot for a kid to take in I suppose.
On the 'people who help us' side we made a fire engine from a cerial box. Caitlin wasn't too pleased with it in the end but think she has quite high standards for a 5 year old lol.
Cameron theme was 'London' and after finally convincing him I had NO idea how to make a replica of the London eye he decided he wanted to do a tour bus. Pretty simple but he was pleased.
Well I was quite happy with what the kids had managed. Granted we had helped them a little with putting some bits together (don't trust them with super glue lol) but mainly it was their work. When we handed them in this morning though OMG! Some of the models wouldn't look out of place in a shop! There where huge models of Big ben, and a very impressive model of the tower bridge complete with toy cars driving over it. I was really worried the kids would feel bad about what they had done but they didn't seem too bothered. One of the teachers did comment what a shame it was though how competitive it had got, but suppose that's how parents can get with their kids. Oh well mine were happy with theirs :)


Thanks for your comments. :)