Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Messy fun

Today was messy play day at Wicksteed park. They did a big play day in the summer which the kids loved so we were quite excited to go to this one as it had muddy puddles, hay bale climbing, toasting marshmallows, leaf piles and lots of other autumn activities. :) As I couldn't fit everyone in my car I had to ask my sister and Paul to take the girls. After a minor nightmare trying to get her to do it when agreed we were off :) Unfortunatly I was so stressed it wasn't until I got there I realised kids didn't have their wellies on. *sigh* oh well. Bit of mud never hurt anyone. :) Turned out they weren't even that bothered about the mud, far more interested in the leaves!
I took along a thermos of tinned tomato soup for Mark and the kids. I can't stand the stuff, even the smell makes me gag, typically its Mark AND the kids fave soup!
Did manage some jumping in puddles lol. cameron managed to drench a little boy who was standing too close, Opps!
Well after a nice morning we got home to snuggles, onsies and tv :) Was nice spending time just the four of us. Back to chaos tomorrow!

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  1. And that's what family days out are all about :)


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