Thursday, 24 October 2013

Christmas swaps

Well today I've been crafting a little :) I LOVE the swaps on UKS at Christmas, most of which involve sending gifts in a handmade box, or stocking or something similar. Between the holiday and a few trips to The range I'd done all the shopping needed for each of them so had a very productive afternoon wrapping them, putting them all together and bulking them up with bits from my own stash. Now have a huge pile of parcels to go out tomorrow as sending some Christmas gifts nice an early too :) Can't share the stocking or other bits but can show the box I made. :) Hopefully my swappee will like it.
Today was also Camerons parents evening. I love his teacher, its the same one I worked with last school year and I think her teaching techniques are great. Unsurprisingly Camerons doing really well, maths and English both great. His teacher has started him on word problems rather than just sums which hes responding really well to. Overall I'm thrilled as last year he complained about being bored because the work was too easy so obviously this year hes loving the new challenges. :)
So on top of two great reports I get to go in to see caitlins project work tomorrow, then she has her next dance exam. SO proud of my amazing kids this week :)


  1. What wonderful progress both your children are making, Gemma - obviously a great reflection on your parenting skills, too! Lovely decoration on your Christmas box - I am sure your swappee will be thrilled. x

  2. Lovely box xx Enjoy all your swaps - hope you will share them when you are able to x


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