Thursday, 17 October 2013

Christmas sweets!!

Ok I know its early, but last year we bought a box of mixed sweets from a american import website and it was such a highlight :) We got £25 worth of sweets for £15 and the kids (and adults) loved going though and finding random bits, trying new stuff we'd never heard of etc. They also do a £50 worth for £25 box but these sell out SO quick! I emailed the shop a while ago asking when they were getting them back in stock and got an email last thursday saying 'Tomorrow' I kept an eye on the website and managed to snatch one up :) This morning it came and this is some of what we got.
There were a few large boxes of sweets we decided to hide away to surprise the kids with so this is what was left. Cant wait to try the tequila chocolate!


  1. Those panda ones look really cute. Hopefully you didn't get caught with the outrageous customs charges that I always seem to!

  2. Replies
    1. Not just yet lol. All been put in the Christmas wardrobe for later :)


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