Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Proud mummy :)

Tonight was Caitlins parents evening. I wasn't worried about it, I know shes a good girl and she tries hard so I went along expecting to hear just that. I never expected to be told shes in the top groups for both maths and english, always finishes her work AND the extra work shes given, and her recent project on families was used as an example for the class! So proud! I felt really bad for not knowing all this but when caitlin comes out of school and I asked what she did the responce is either 'nothing' or 'I don't remember'. cameron on the other hand runs through his entire day bit by bit. I think maybe thats why, shes always been a bit shy about everything around Cameron as he can be a bit overpowering but I'm thrilled to know how well shes doing :) She got to stay up late and watch 'Smurfs' as a treat.
On that note I'm LOVING my new headphones! Got them in Turkey (fakes obviously) but I love putting them on, turning on the Ipod and blocking out the world.
Sure they will get a lot of use next week during half term! Hopefully tomorrow too when I pull out the crafting stuff for the first time since the holiday. lol


  1. And so you should be a very proud mummy - Imogen treated herself to some beats before holiday and loves them although I hate to think how loud she has the music!

  2. That's brilliant Caitlin, well done x


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