Thursday, 26 June 2014

Another day another meeting

This morning Cait was late to school because we took her doctor. She's been coughing for a while so thought better best to get her checked out. Turned out to be fine though just advised us to give her her inhaler more often.
Made me laugh though to come back from dropping Cam off to find her and Mark colouring in Caits Hello kitty book.
Well this afternoon was another social services meeting and as usual it raised more questions than answers. Money still isn't sorted and nobody seems to have any idea who is responsible for what. Almost lost my temper when we were told it was unlikely we could go on holiday though. See Mollie is classed as a Looked After Child, and has been since she went into my Mums care last September. True to social services form however nobody told us that, so when we booked a trip to Spain we assumed it would be the same as when we took Evie to Turkey, a letter from Nicola to say it was ok and that would be that. A couple of weeks ago though we were suddenly informed no, we need permission from the county council and that usually takes weeks which we didn't have. Brilliant. I did my usual thing, ringing around, making a pain in the ass of myself until someone said they would sort it but apprently that was just a 'go away' promise.
So today in the meeting we were told not to hold out much hope we could go. Um, no, not happening. I very calmly informed them I would be there every morning, ringing on the hour, every hour to make sure we got those papers. Funnily enough a couple of hours later we got a call saying we got them and could go! Ok so until they;re in my hand I won't fully relax but it's something ;) Now to get Mums money sorted.......

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