Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Cinema trip :)

You know it was months ago that Odeon allowed Orange Wednesday to book online, and they still haven't figured out how to stop the website crashing! Managed to book tickets this morning though so after school Mum, Mollie and me are off to see:
Feel a bit bad not taking Cait but I really think it's going to be too dark for her, she got scared of Mor'du in Brave so think this will give her nightmares! Will bring her some some icecream ;)
Staying up late to book the tickets (or try to) I managed a few layouts. Back to the Disney pictures of this one! To keep the kids busy on the train I made goodie bags for them to open full of Disney themed items. They loved it but I think I've shot myself in the foot as they seem to expect these every time we go on a trip now!
I don't know about you but I always have lots of dots and bits left over on my sheets of alphas so tried to use some up here in place of gems or pearls. Quite like the effect.
So cleaning to be done today, then shopping before cinema and home for more scrapping :)


  1. Looking forward to a Maleficent review.

  2. Hope you enjoyed the film.
    Love how the heart behind the photo looks like MM ears :)

    1. oh so it does, I mean yeah, I meant to do that.......;)

  3. You come up with some great ideas for your kids!

  4. Lovely layout and what a great idea to keep them occupied x


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